• Image of Ain't That Lovin EP Compact Disc

The new 5 track EP from Swear and Shake.

Like You Do
Wishful Thinking on Seagrass Shoal
Good As Gone
Be Your Strength

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Performers on this recording:
Jesse Cooper Levy
Vocals on track 3

Anthony da Costa
Guitar on track 2, vocals on track 5

Garrett “G. Love” Dutton
Harmonica and guitar on track 1

Thomas Alberto Elefante
Drums on track 5

Patrick Monaco Glynn
Piano, keys on 1, 2, and 3, mandolin on 4

Nolan Romero Green
Vocals on track 5

Lucas Sconzo
Vocals on track 2

John Raymond
Trumpet on tracks 2 and 3

Mike Fahi
Trombone on tracks 2 and 3

Recorded at Maple Ridge in Cambridge, NY.
Produced by Benny Goldstein
Mastered by Jonathan Jetter
Engineered by Vira Byramji

Special thanks to Larry Sconzo.
Band photograph by Kellyann Petry
Cover photograph by Adam McHeffey